The Goddess of Fire

The Goddess of Fire is passionate and unpredictable yet will dazzle you with her kindness. She is fierce by nature but has the warmest of hearts. Her passion and fire make her extremely determined to get what she wants but with the most ethical of approaches. You’ll feel her mesmerising gaze as her eyes focus […]

The Soul Sister

Meet a very special member of our tribe, Soul Sister. Her aura is powerful and her energy is confident and extremely comforting. Her presence is commanding and her eyes really do capture you at a soul level. Soul Sister is here to brighten your day, remind you of your strength and inspire you to live […]

The Warrior Princess

The Warrior Princess

We’d like you to meet another member of the tribe, The Warrior Princess. She is strong, determined and unapologetically bold. She is surrounded by majestic butterflies who amplify her strength and she has the most mesmerising blue eyes. These beautiful blue eyes are the window to the soul of this powerful warrior 💎 A Warrior […]

The Enlightened Queen

Meet the leader of our tribe, The Enlightened Queen. She stands tall with her beautiful golden crown and gown of flowers and shines bright with humble confidence. She is not afraid to be bold, unique and strong. You can trust she will always have your back and protect you and those around her ✨ The […]