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Education, Guides & More

This section is a beautiful blend of educational articles, courses, counselling services and mental health support services available. Here you’ll be able to dive in and have a read and deeper understanding of each tribe member and what they represent. You’ll also find a very valuable resource section which we endeavour to add to frequently. Homeless crisis hotlines and Mental Health helplines all over Australia can be found here.

Education Hub

Education can come in many forms. By reading, doing courses, diving into the internet or seeking advice from specialists in their field. This section is your go to guide to anything finance, mental health and course related. 

Crisis Numbers

Homeless Crisis numbers. For referrals to Mission Australia’s accommodation services, contact your relevant state-based information and referral services directly. This can be your starting point.

Mental Health Hotlines

So many people are struggling in silence with depression, anxiety and many other problems every day. If this is you, and you’re feeling lost, please do reach out. These hotlines can help.

Meet our

Each and every one of our tribe members has their own unique traits, all of which create a powerful energy which is something to behold. We are so proud of them and would love to introduce them to you.


What a purchase or donation equates to

  • $30 Warm family meal – Can provide a warm, family meal for a Lighthouse home.
  • $48 Welcome backpack – Can provide a welcome backpack (toiletries, pyjamas, socks, underwear and a teddy bear) for a new child or young person moving in to our care.
  • $110 Educational resources – Can provide educational resources for our children and young people.
  • $170 Bedding & furniture – Can provide bedding and furniture a for a new young person moving in to our care.
  • $350 Counselling & therapy – Can provide counselling and group therapy to help our young people process the trauma of homelessness.
  • $1000 ‘Keep our lights on’ – Can pay for several months of utility bills in our Lighthouse homes.