Goddess of Power

Goddess of Power

The Goddess of Power is quite hypnotic to be around, and it feels like she’s looking deep within your soul when her eyes meet yours. She is not overpowering, though; if anything, just being in her presence fills you with such courage that you feel fearless. Her confidence is contagious, and you will come away from spending time with her feeling like you have a new lease on life.

She truly is a person that stands her ground in the face of adversity, friction, or any conflict. She takes it all in her stride and has mastered the art of forgiveness, gratitude, and complete empathy. Therefore, she is never triggered by those who feel the need to try and rattle her. She is unshakable in her courage, and her demeanour reflects that.

With a presence that is so captivatingly powerful and bold, the Goddess of Power can influence the energy of those around her without even trying. She affects the energy of a room by simply being there and she doesn’t need to say much. To communicate with people and to get her point across, she is subtly direct in a non-threatening way. Actions speak louder than words, and this has never been truer for this Goddess.

When she does speak, you know it comes from a place of pure integrity and interest. She is not about to scoot around a subject and is not up for small talk. Passionate, thought-provoking, mindful conversations light her up, and she feels at her best when she can fully open herself up in these situations.

The Goddess of Power is very spiritually aligned. The conversations you have with her are so pure and focused that you can’t help but be swept up in the energy of them. We all have an element of this Goddess inside us that we may feel is ready to rise. As we become more connected to ourselves and other like-minded souls, this is only inevitable.

Being decisive, confident, and highly driven like the Goddess of Power is inspirational. This is all within our reach if we want it, and just past that is the door to all our dreams. Are you ready to step towards yours?

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