Meet The Group

There is no coincidence that this group has come together. They are the perfect blend of every unique quality and beautiful attribute that an Empowered Woman could hold.

We invite you to read their own individual stories. Get to know their names and understand the very special meaning behind each and every one of them. You’ll learn that there is a part of each of them inside of us all. They may even inspire you to explore a part of yourself you’ve kept hidden but are now ready to delve into or release. Just like we have, you will connect with them all in your own special way.

Our beautiful group has inspired a range of products we are so proud of, and now that you understand a little more about each member, you will absolutely fall in love with them even more.


The Goddess of Power is quite hypnotic to be around, and it feels like she’s looking deep within your soul when her

Natures Empress is one of the most compelling and regal members of our tribe. Instantly, when you first see her, you will

Natures Enchantress is quite mystical and alluring. Her presence will captivate you as her magnetic personality draws you close. She’s incredibly caring,

With her warm and gentle approach to life, The Princess of Love is a divine tribe member that makes you feel instantly

Spirit Diva is the calm, spiritually focused member of our tribe. She is innately in tune with her body, mind and soul

The Enchanted Goddess is deeply intuitive and extremely interested in uncovering her inner self. She is not scared of diving deep into

The Goddess of Fire is passionate and unpredictable yet will dazzle you with her kindness. She is fierce by nature but has

Meet a very special member of our tribe, Soul Sister. Her aura is powerful and her energy is confident and extremely comforting.

We’d like you to meet another member of the tribe, The Warrior Princess. She is strong, determined and unapologetically bold. She is

Meet the leader of our tribe, The Enlightened Queen. She stands tall with her beautiful golden crown and gown of flowers and