Natures Empress

Natures Empress

Natures Empress is one of the most compelling and regal members of our tribe. Instantly, when you first see her, you will be drawn to her eyes. You’ll be struck by her powerfully commanding focus yet the calmness in her gaze. 🦄

She is strong and confident yet incredibly humble. Her strength and leadership qualities also come with a beautiful, nurturing, compassionate side. Many feel comfortable in her presence as her aura feels like a loving security blanket. 🌹

The beautiful white flowers you see are Asiatic Lillies and the pink ones are Peony Rose. Such delicate and beautiful flowers which perfectly complement this regal tribe member. There is always beauty in strength and a tremendous amount of strength behind beauty, in its many forms. 🦋

Natures Empress is a natural-born leader and draws people in with her powerful stance and actions to make an impact to causes close to her heart. Her authentic values and motivation to upholding them within herself is so inspirational. She motivates others to do this too as they realise how empowering it is to step into ones power. As you feel the guidance and inspiration of the Natures Empress rising within yourself, you can achieve anything. With every act of good intention, kindness and thoughtfulness, there is a layer of protection that you can’t describe. 💫

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