Our Story

The Beginning

The Enlightened Project began with The Enlightened Queen. She inspired the entire project and the idea of a way to help the homeless and inspire others to participate started.

Inspired by the stunning and unique images they own, a bold vision was unfolded for Ash and Kylie. For them, it became very clear.

The Enlightened Project was born 💫

The beautiful images you see have been used to create a range of products you can buy for yourself, or as gifts for loved ones. The priority is to direct 100% of profits back to the charities we have partnered with that support the homeless.

By consciously purchasing or receiving products from Enlightened Project you are giving back to those in the community in need of our help. This is so powerful. Imagine using your water bottle or mug every day or lighting a candle, looking at it and remembering WHY you bought it.


Meet the Team

Kylie Goodwin &
Ash Parker


The Enlightened Project is something that was never planned but organically grew between a couple who knew there was something more for them to achieve. Impacting others who were disadvantaged was important to them, they were sure of this. Something in their souls was calling them, telling them there was another purpose for their lives. We are excited to share their why with you.

Kylie Goodwin

As a Mortgage Broker, Kylie has helped many people all over Australia achieve their home owning dreams. With her team working alongside her, they help many people purchase or build homes and refinance existing loans to save money. Kylie has known for some time now that there was something more for her to accomplish.


Ash has been a landscape gardener for 27 years. With his team, he makes an amazing difference to people’s properties with stunning landscape designs, construction and the creation of amazing outdoor spaces. But like Kylie, Ash too felt there was more for him to achieve, something else for him to strive towards


For Kylie and Ash, The Enlightened Project is a passion project which will enable them, with your support, to help many in need in the community. They hope to educate as many people as possible about the growing problem of homelessness in society and that anyone can actually help.

Many people, including more and more children, are unfortunately not in a safe and secure home at night. They do not have a stable and consistent home. This project has truly filled a part of their soul’s mission and purpose as they work towards their vision becoming a reality.

Using the platform of The Enlightened Project and collaborating and working with charities and other businesses who have become retail stockists of The Enlightened Projects products, Kylie and Ash are determined to make a difference.



The Enlightened Project aims to shine a light on the issue of homelessness in the community. We want to give people hope and show them that yes, there are many of us that do care and do want to help. When you purchase our products for yourself or even as a gift, every time you look at that product you will be reminded of the part you have played in supporting someone through a difficult time in their life. Hopefully, we are all helping these people towards an outcome that changes their lives for the better and lifts them through an enormously difficult period. ✨

This is why we have chosen the butterfly to be a significant element of our branding. 🦋

Butterflies are a universal symbol of transformation and spiritual growth. Understanding the wisdom of butterflies can be an excellent tool for spiritual progress and enlightenment. This is especially true if the spirit of the butterfly is a guiding force in your life.

The butterfly is a beacon of light and hope that comforts and inspires us as we navigate through the complex mix of trials and triumphs that unfold in all of our lives.

Thank you for becoming just as invested in this cause as we are. You will be purchasing more than just merchandise. You are consciously contributing to another human’s wellbeing and future. ✨

Our Values


The state or quality of being kind. The attributes of being friendly, generous and considerate.


Adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty. Upholding territorial integrity and national sovereignty.


The quality or fact of being honest; uprightness and fairness. It entails showing respect towards others and having integrity and self-awareness.


The quality of being kind and generous. Generous behaviours are intended to enhance the well-being of others


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