Mindfulness Bundle

The Mindfullness Bundle is wonderful and nurturing for the body, mind and soul.

A tip from the Enlightened Project: As you are running your bath, with a candle lit and herbal tea or glass of wine ready to sip, close your eyes and shuffle your mindfulness cards. Clear your mind and prepare to receive an affirmation, a positive thought or a quote to ponder. Once you draw you card sit with the message you receive as you soak in the wonderful scents and minerals of the Spirit Diva Bath Salts. After your bath is the perfect time to use your journal for freestyle journaling.


  • Enchanted Goddess Mindfulness Cards – designed to invoke inspiration and reflection. 
  • Enlightened Queen Journal – Our unique 3-month journal has been thoughtfully created to gently encourage the glorious Enlightened Queen in you to shine!
  • Spirit Diva Bath Salts – Natural Himalayan Salts Infused with Chamomile and Lavender Flowers, Jasmine and Jojoba Oil.


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