The Enlightened Queen Journal

A beautiful 3-month journal was made with love. Every page and section has been thoughtfully created to gently encourage the glorious Enlightened Queen in you to shine!

Journaling for even a short period of time can help you gain some real perspective in your life. With consistent journaling, you can; create balance in your life, relieve stress, increased productivity, increase motivation and gain more energy to focus on your goals. 


  • Begin with an in-depth self-assessment and reflection space. A place to build your foundation.
  • There are daily and weekly prompts as well as freestyle journaling which is encouraged. A variety of touch points have been included including weekly and monthly assessments.
  • A vision board, life balance chart and goal-setting exercises will prompt you to explore different areas of your life.


Enjoy the journey this journal will take you on and embrace and love That Enlightened Queen in you even more.


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