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At The Enlightened Project, we are incredibly grateful for the unwavering support and partnership of the dedicated businesses who stock our products. Their commitment to our mission to support the homeless goes beyond transactions as they invest in our vision, ensuring our products are readily available to make a positive impact. With their expertise and connection with their own communities, our retailers expand our reach and maximise the impact we create together. We deeply appreciate their dedication, compassion, and invaluable contribution as we work hand in hand to transform communities and inspire lasting change for those experiencing homelessness. The variety of businesses connecting with us is fabulous and we love every single one of them. Each is so unique in their particular industry. We have connected with all of them for a reason and in their own special way they bring magic to our movement. Together we will move mountainsĀ šŸ’«

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You could be any business! We have everyone from a tattoo artist, yoga and pilates studio, gym, health professionals/therapists/healers, health food stores and general retail stores coming on board to join The Enlightened Project.

We even have some beautiful people buying our products to then gift to their own clients or customers. This is just so special.

If this is something you’d like to explore, please enquire via the link below to learn more about a wholesale opportunity.

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