The Goddess of Fire

The Goddess of Fire is passionate and unpredictable yet will dazzle you with her kindness. She is fierce by nature but has the warmest of hearts. Her passion and fire make her extremely determined to get what she wants but with the most ethical of approaches. You’ll feel her mesmerising gaze as her eyes focus on you and there will be a feeling of ease in her presence. You will trust her. 🙌🏼

The Goddess of Fire is powerful, yet humble. She will inspire you to chase your dreams and turn them into reality. She is a natural-born leader and was destined to inspire others. Her aura is captivating and is one that will draw you in and leave you calm as you’ll feel protected. 💫

She has a burning flame inside of her that is like wildfire at times, yet this can be tamed when needed to concentrate intently to achieve incredible things. She can be extremely focused when called to do so. This fire is what drives her, manifesting into determination and the unwavering pursuit of her goals. 🕯️

The Goddess of Fire will inspire you, and light a spark within you that will help you reach the greatest of achievements. You may instinctively know you hold the power of the Goddess of Fire already. You may have felt shimmers of her before, so don’t be surprised if she is waiting to be unleashed. Let her power arise inside you and around you. She is waiting.🔥

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