The Princess of Love

The Princess of Love

With her warm and gentle approach to life, The Princess of Love is a divine tribe member that makes you feel instantly welcome and at ease. She is playful, affectionate and full of joy. Her calm but spirited nature is soothing as you always know, you are safe in her presence. 🌻

Her thoughtfulness knows no end and she thrives off helping others. Her love of those close to her shines through so authentically and nothing is ever done with any expectation in return. What makes her even more special is she is magnificent at helping others see the beauty in themselves too. 🌸

The Princess of Love is in your life to open up your heart to not only love others, but most importantly, love yourself. Negativity is not in this tribe member’s vocabulary and she can see the beauty in everything, even in the darkest of moments and on the most challenging days. She is a reminder that there is love and beauty everywhere and anywhere we look. It can just be a little challenging at times to sift through what we need to, so that we are able to see the sunshine through the clouds again. It can take time, but it’s there.🌹

There is never any judgement involved with the Princess of love. Never. Everyone is entitled to love and her most important message is to help you understand, it’s you who has permission to love yourself.🌻

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