The Spirit Diva

The Spirit Diva

Spirit Diva is the calm, spiritually focused member of our tribe. She is innately in tune with her body, mind and soul which gives her a level of confidence that is magnetic. She truly is operating at a higher vibration and you will definitely be drawn to her. 🧚🏼‍♂️

You will always be aware of The Spirit Diva when you’re in her presence as her aura is so exquisite and captivating. She is fascinating and projects a quality of pure boldness yet also gentle sensuality.🦋

Spirit Diva is quite mesmerising in the way she invites you to join her on a journey of self discovery. An exploration of yourself in what ever form that looks like, for your body, mind and soul is truly magnificent. You’ll find the excuses that used to stop you will slip away as you give yourself permission to focus on you and your needs.

Once you allow the Spirit Diva to help guide you towards a more relaxed and calm state, you will actually feel yourself awakening and this will have a powerful grounding affect. The flow on affect of this is different for everyone but always divine.✨

Through acts like meditation, breath work, yoga, baths, massage, being out in nature, any act of movement or even better, being still, you will realise the Spirit Diva has always been with you. She’s always been a part of you. Taking time out for ourselves can be a big step and a huge thing for us to give ourselves permission to do so. Especially if you are the type of person who has always put yourself at the bottom of the list

We love Spirit Diva as she is focused on helping you awaken parts of you that are maybe in the shadows now, but are wanting to come and join the light. The sense of enlightenment that flows onto those she shares her space with is just beautiful and we hope you get to experience this as you become more aligned within yourself. 💫

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